The 12th Ordinary Session of the EAC Council of Ministers (2006) approved the annual East African Health and Scientific Conference & International Health Exhibition and Trade Fair (EAHSC) to be convened in East Africa and hosted on a rotational basis by the EAC Partner States through their respective National Ministries responsible for EAC Affairs, Ministries responsible for Health, and other relevant organisations, and in close collaboration with regional and international health-related NGOs, civil society organisations, individuals, and stakeholders.

The EAHSC contributes towards strengthening regional cooperation in health in line with Article 118 of the Treaty for the establishment of EAC as well as other relevant provisions of the EAC Common Market Protocol.

It enhances the ideals of the EAC, which is free movement of People, Services, and Goods.

Since 2007, The following EAHSC have been organized;

28th - 30th March 2007


26th - 28th March 2008


25th - 27th March 2009


27th - 29th March 2013


25th - 27th March 2015


29th - 31st March 2017 


27th - 29th March 2019

Tanzania/Dar es Salaam

17th - 19th November 2021



  • Chair of the Conference

The chair of the conference is the chair of the national steering committee of the host country.

  • Steering Committees

In accordance with the decisions of the 5th ordinary Meeting of the EAC Sectoral Council of Ministers of Health held in Arusha, Tanzania on 21st January 2011, there are two EAHSC committees; (i) EAHSC regional Steering Committee and (ii) National Steering Committees. The host nation also has various sub-committees.

The members who constitute the various committees come from the relevant government organs, ministries, and institutions.

  • Regional Steering Committee

Each of the EAC Partner States nominates three (3) members for the EAHSC Regional Steering Committee. The regional steering committee members are drawn from various government bodies, research, academic institutions, development partners, regional, intergovernmental organisations, and international organisations.

Terms of reference have been developed.  The main function of the Regional Steering Committee is oversight of the organisation of the conference.

  • National Steering Committee

Each EAC Partner States forms a national steering committee.

The host nation forms a national steering committee that comprises 15 members.

The national steering committee members are drawn from various government, research and academic institutions, development partners and ministries responsible for health, and EAC affairs.

The national steering committees shall form several sub-committees depending on the agenda and the scope of the conference.

  • Book of Abstracts of the Conference

Abstracts accepted for the conference are compiled in a book of abstracts that are made available during the conference.

  • Conference Activities

The conference activities are organised in sub-themes.

After the opening ceremony, the conference continues in plenary or in breakaway sessions

  • Reporting

A report on the conference proceedings is prepared and presented on the last day of the conference.

  • Name of the Conference

The name of the conference “East African Health and Scientific Conference & International Health Exhibition and Trade Fair” is rather long. In accordance with the recommendation of the 3rd EAHRC Commissioners meeting to review the name of the conference, the EAHRC Secretariat proposes the name to be shortened as follows: “East African Health and Scientific Conference” and the official acronym will be “EAHSC”.


In order to allow for adequate time to generate tangible scientific material for the conference, to allow for enough time for preparation of the subsequent conference, mobilization of resources, and for implementation and reporting of the progress of the post-conference activities, the conference will be held biennially.

Post-conference activities will be conducted in parallel with preparatory activities of the next conference. The EAHSC will be scheduled around the same time biennially whereby currently is done during the last week of March.

Identification of the Main theme, Sub-themes and Symposia

The EAHRC Secretariat will develop a concept note of each EAHSC which includes the title of the main theme, sub-themes, symposia and other preconference, conference and post-conference activities.

This concept note will be communicated to the EAC Partner States and other stakeholders for inputs through the appropriate EAC channels.

Conference Information and Publicity

The EAHSC information (including all information of the previous conferences will be available in the web portal for health information in East Africa.

The portal will be the main outlet for the publicity of the EAHSC.

The EAHRC Secretariat and the NFPs will be responsible for regularly updating the information.

The portal will be linked to other websites (e.g. EAC, websites of the EAC Partner States).

The websites of the EAHRC National Focal Points will also have a space for the activities of the EAHRC, including the EAHSC. The EAHRC Secretariat, the host nation, and the NFPs will be responsible for publicity of the forthcoming EAHSC.