About the Conference

The Virtual 8th East African Health and Scientific Conference to be held on 17th – 19th November 2021, Nairobi - Kenya

The 12th Ordinary Session of the EAC Council of Ministers (2006) approved the annual East African Health and Scientific Conference & International Health Exhibition and Trade Fair (EAHSC) to be convened in East Africa and hosted on a rotational basis by the EAC Partner States through their respective National Ministries responsible for EAC Affairs, Ministries responsible for Health, and other relevant organisations, and in close collaboration with regional and international health-related NGO’s, civil society organisations, individuals, and stakeholders. The EAHSC contributes towards strengthening regional cooperation in health in line with Article 118 of the Treaty for the establishment of EAC as well as other relevant provisions of the EAC Common Market Protocol. It enhances the ideals of the EAC, which is free movement of People, Services, and Goods. Based on the Protocol establishing the East African Health Research Commission (EAHRC), the Commission is tasked with the responsibility of coordinating the East African Health and Scientific Conference & International Health Exhibition and Trade Fair. The EAHRC had been operationalized since 2015. 

Main theme: East African Community Sustainable Development Goal on Health: Reflection and Path Ahead to 2030

Key Note speech: To be announced


Sub-themes will be presented and discussed during the first two days of the conference. Each sub-theme will start with a state-of-the-art presentation, after which evidence-based scientific material will be presented. The sub-themes will be presented by experts in the areas. They build on the main theme and provide details evidence-based information on specific key areas. These presentations will be discussed by the audience and experts. The presentations will result in outlines of recommendations.


The schedule for the conference can be found on this page Conference Sessions and Programmes.