Professor Eliangiringa Kaale

Professor/Lab Head - School of Pharmacy MUHAS
Working as a full Professor in Medicines Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at the School of Pharmacy, Dr. Kaale boasts over 22 years of experience in health and capacity building for the Medicines Regulatory system across various countries including Tanzania, Rwanda, Botswana, Afghanistan, Zambia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. His extensive research focus encompasses the development and validation of analytical methods as well as inter-laboratory cross-validation studies. At the forefront of his endeavors, Dr. Kaale spearheads the MUHAS-USP Promoting Quality Medicine (PQM) plus consortium, which conducts Landscape surveys of Africa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and suppliers of MNC and NTD products spanning the African continent. He also holds the role of External Quality Assurance (PT) coordinator for the Medicine Testing laboratory, a dynamic scheme that has been operational for the past two years, involving over 40 labs. This initiative is established within the framework of "Establishment of a Quality Infrastructure for the pharmaceutical sector within EAC." His substantial influence is underscored by his service as a member of the Expert Panel for the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) Review of Surveillance and Screening Technologies for the Quality Assurance of Medicines from 2015 to 2020. Dr. Kaale has earned recognition for his exceptional contributions to standards, exemplified by an Award for Outstanding Contribution. Simultaneously, he holds the esteemed position of the current chair of the National Technical Committee for registration of Human Medicines at TMDA, along with the National Technical Committee for pharmaceutical Standards at the Tanzania Bureau of Standards. Dr. Kaale's dedication is further manifested through his role as the coordinator of a designated Regional Center of Regulatory Excellence (RCOREs), a partnership between MUHAS and TMDA. His impactful leadership is evident as he led his laboratory to ISO 17043 Accreditation in 2020, a noteworthy achievement. Recognized for his expertise, WHO has appointed Dr. Kaale as a member of the Expert Advisory Panel on International Pharmacopoeia and Pharmaceutical Preparations. The culmination of his tireless efforts is reflected in his prolific contributions to academia, with a portfolio exceeding 90 papers and three book chapters in internationally acclaimed peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Kaale continues to be a trailblazer in the field, significantly shaping the landscape of medicines quality assurance and regulatory affairs. Email elia [dot] kaale [at] gmail [dot] com Mobile number +255 754 45 38 47