Professor Kenneth Lado Lino Sube

Associate professor of Ophthalmology, University of Juba, South Sudan
I am a graduate of medical college with an MBBS(University of Juba). I further attained postgraduate certificates: Post graduate diploma in malariology(University of Gezira), MSc (Medical Biochemistry, University of Khartoum), MSc (Molecular Medicine, University of Khartoum) and a Higher certificate of specialty in Ophthalmology(University of Jordan). I am a passionate and dedicated public health professional with a combined of more than 20 year of experience in teaching in various universities, clinical medicine in various hospitals, ophthalmology and disease prevention and control in different rural health settings. I have been involved in integrated community health activities which are tailored to provide rare health services at different rural settings. These activities are provided to the smallest administrative units, payams (in most of the states) across most of the South Sudan communities to scale up the universal health coverage package. Furthermore, I am an experienced consultant who has worked with various non-government organizations in infectious disease prevention and management. I remain Committed to deliver quality health services in hard-to-reach areas and transforming communities for a better healthier environment. Being former president for the Ophthalmological Association of South Sudan, I have transformed and expanded eye care services in the country by restoring sight for over 20,000 blind people across the country. I have broad research experience, with more than 20 publications, with more interest in community-transforming research in non-communicable and communicable diseases, and ophthalmology which can play a role in creating better universal health coverage in the country. Dr Kenneth Lado Lino Email: ladolojuan [at] gmail [dot] com Whatsapp:+211924548779