Professor Wallace Bulimo

Molecular Virologist and a Deputy Director at Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
Prof. Wallace Bulimo is a distinguished Molecular Virologist and a Deputy Director at Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) where he holds the position of Deputy Director in the Department of Epidemiology Statistics and Informatics. With a fervent dedication to advancing health research, Prof. Bulimo is a leading proponent of leveraging Data Science for impactful outcomes. Prof. Bulimo boasts a rich background spanning clinical applications, training development, biomedical research, and mentoring. His influence extends globally, having nurtured numerous postgraduates who have ascended to strategic and scientific roles in Kenya and beyond. As a mentor, he embodies a commitment to cultivating the next generation of scientific leaders. At the Centre for Virus Research in KEMRI, Prof. Bulimo spearheads respiratory virus disease surveillance across multiple clinical sites in Kenya. This comprehensive surveillance approach aims to identify and track viral respiratory pathogens, contributing to our understanding of their dynamics and impact on public health. A Principal Investigator on various research protocols, Prof. Bulimo also coordinates initiatives focused on developing essential medical products and information for community health protection. His leadership transcends borders, with established partnerships between academia and government agencies in Kenya and the United States. These collaborations drive critical research on infectious agents in East Africa, reinforcing regional and global health security. One of Prof. Bulimo's crowning achievements is his establishment of a dynamic program at US Army Medical Research Directorate–Africa (USAMRD-A). This program has nurtured and guided scientists of all levels, fostering their growth and maximizing their scientific contributions. His exceptional leadership has been recognized internationally, earning him the title of an approved professional by the International Federation of Biorisk Associations. A past Deputy Chair of the Biorisk Management Association of Kenya, Prof. Bulimo passionately champions biorisk management, underscoring its significance in safeguarding public health.